Monday, August 13, 2012

Not getting to ride.

The nice thing about working in a Bike shop is that you get to ride and see all the new stuff as soon as it comes out. The bad side is you don't get to ride as much as you would like! Right now I have a sweet Seven 622 frame-set built with the new SRAM  Red, I even have the new Red Quarq crank-set. But I just don't get to ride it much. Well I guess I'll just keep trying!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick and tired.

With the mild, more like non-winter that we are having in Wisconsin this year I thought that I might get through the year without getting to sick. But as all good things go I was wrong. Started feeling bad on Wednesday, went a head and do the Crono trainer ride. By the end is knew that I was headed for a ruff bout of the CRUD! A bad cold, Flu what ever you want to call it, I got "IT". Went ahead and went to work on Thursday, needed to, or that was what I kept telling myself. Made it till about 3:00 and called it a day. Came home, went right to bed and slept. I think if I just would stayed home the whole day I would have recovered a whole lot faster. But didn't, been almost a week, feel a lot better but still not 100%. And to top it off I'll be traveling the next two weekends. This weekend to Minneapolis and next weekend to Tucson. At least next weekend I'll be going to a warm place. Get to ride some Cervelo's and hopefully get to see the new P5. I guess we shell see.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Looking at options for Cyclesport Travel in 2012. I think would be a cool ride, but maybe to long of a day at the end of our trip.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A morning in the snow.

I was told to get the kids outside and burn off some energy. I tried my best, we will see as the day goes. I may need to chase them around the block, ten or twenty times.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cyclesport Travel information meeting

Cyclesport Travel/Cronometro

Cycling Vacation information night.

Have you ever thought about a cycling vacation in France, how about Italy? Thursday, January 19th is your chance to stop in and check out the great trips
Cyclesport Travel is offering for 2012.

The Pyrenees Playground Trip June 25th to July 7th
This trip include an opportunity to participate in the Ariegeiose Cyclosportive and ride virtually all the important Pyrenees climbs.
Castles, cave paintings, the Tourmalet, Plateau de Beille, Ancizan, Col dAspin, Col d Agnes, the Corniche and the Mamar are all
on the menu for this incredible experience.

This years L'Ariegeoise Cyclosportive will finish atop Plateau de Beille in the L'Ariegeoise 161km and
La Mountagnole 117km events.

Tour de France trip July 9th to July 17th
Experience the TDF like the French villages do! We will let the Tour come to us in the our mountain village and ride up the Port de Lers to watch the pros!
Ride every day and come back to your cabin or head down to the local bar to watch the Tour excitement.

You will have the chance to ride the 18 percent grade on the last climb of stage 14 before the tour attacks it.

Italy, Gran Fondo Prosecco and Chianti October 1st -10th
Ride through two beautiful wine producing regions and celebrate by rolling through the Prosecco vineyards during the Gran Fondo on Oct 7th.

We will have wine and cheese snacks and lots of pictures of past trips.
Time: 6:00-8:00

We hope to see you then.
Colin, Dave, Mark and Scott

Cyclesport Travel is now able to take credit cards! Just our way of trying to make your trip more convenient.